Vikings! Scourge of the northern seas, destroyer of kings, splitter of sheild, spear shakers, helmet brakers, heathens, murderers... the best damn warrior culture to ever walk on this planet? Jävla Rak! If you live in the U.S. you are eligible to join the Viking Raiders Militia. Active members MA only.

The viking were skilled warriors, brave adventurers, and influentaul  traders and colonizers in the middle ages, but where does this term "viking" come from?

"In medieval Scandinavian languages, a vikingr is a pirate, a freebooter who seeks wealth either by ship-borne raids on foreign coasts or by waylaying more peaceful seafarers in home waters. There is also an abstract noun viking, meaning 'the act of going raiding overseas'.... Strictly speaking, therefore, the term should only be applied to men actually engaged in these violent pursuits, and not to every contemporary Scandinavian farmer, merchant, settler or craftsman, nor even to warriors fighting in the dynastic wars of their lords or in their own private feuds. However, it was the raiders who made the most impact on the Europe of their time, so that it has become customary to apply the term 'Viking Age' to the period of Scandinavian History beginning in the 790's (the time of the first recorded raids on Western Europe) and petering out somewhere round the middle of the eleventh century (by which time raids and emigrations had ceased, the settlements established abroad had become thoroughly integrated with the local populations, and social changes in the Scandinavian homelands had marked the transition to their true Middle Ages). Indeed, the term is such a convenient label for the distinctive culture of this period that one now talks not only of 'Viking ships' and 'Viking weapons' but of 'Viking art', 'Viking houses', and even 'Viking agriculture' - expressions which would have seemed meaningless to people living at the time."

(Jacqueline Simpson. Everyday Life in the Viking Age. New York: Dorset. 1967. ISBN 0-88029-146-X. p.11).


My ancestors were vikings and, I consider the vikings part of my heritage. That being said this site has no affiliation with bigoted idiots that use viking mythologies and what not as some type of twisted "aryan" thing.

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