Hand to Hand combat is the basic last line of defense available. To successfully defend yourself you do not have to be the strongetst person alive, though that would help. The main requirement, and only rule is to deserve victory. Once commited to winning at all costs you will be able to deter most any unarmed opposition.


         In any pugilistic confrontation it is important to have the right train of thought. Depending on the situation, you may be fighting for your life. In a fight to save your own life preconceived notions put into your head need to be absolved. Do not think "this is another human being," "why do a have more of a right than them?" "they are only doing this because they got a bad lot in life." thoughts like these are ingrained into our populous at an early age. Treat others kindly. Don't be violent, use words. In a fight to the death you need to throw these ideas out. Turn any fear into anger, empathy to hate, mercy to vengeance. Think dark and terrible thoughts.Your advesary is meat. They are all that is wrong, everything you hate. Your only need is to end thier blight from the face of the world. Become violence, an embodiment of fury. Picture thier mangled wreckage that you need to create. Turn thier strengths into weakness. Let your hatred flow free.


        Throughout history there have been many different forms of hand to hand combat. Many are hundreds or even thousands of years old. More often than not though, the average thug will not know these crafts. Many techniques often work best against someone using the same techniques, and therefore the same rules. here you will be learning basic close quarter combat. There are no rules. This is not a pretty way to fight. It is not fancy. It is meant to be effective. Once initiated tear into the enemy with every ounce of strength available and do not stop until you have won.


     The basic skills in a fist fight will be discussed here. It is important to try and think of what your enemy could do, and how to evade or counter this. Run imaginary fights through your head. Imagine blow for blow. This sounds silly but it does work. However don't imagine yourself invincible in your imagined fights. Get hit. Imagine ways you could lose. This strange mental eexercise does work. However nothing beats the real thing. As most do not initiate in life or death combat frequently, the best way to gain experience is to spar in something called a Skarin. This is a contest of strength, and has many different levels depending on your partner, and your own endurance. The first type is the friendliest. It teaches the key skill of controlling an oponent. First find a level even patch of grass without rocks. The goal is to put your opponent on the ground, while you stay standing. this is an important aspect in a real fight, because it gives you a major upperhand. The rules for the match are your own choice, and you can either start standing a few feet apart, or by leaning towards eachother with your arms on the others upper arm. The first struggle starts here, because the one with his arms on top starts with the advantage. You then try to knock eachother down. After a while of sparring like this you will learn to use their weight against them, stand strong and steady and guess your opponents general approach. 

Targeted Areas:

      Certain parts of the body are more vulnerable than others. If fighting for your life you need to fight "dirty." Go for weak spots, as they will aid you in quikly disarmnig the situation. The obvious spots such as the eyes, throat, kidney, groin etc. will not be discussed. Some less obvious places do exist. The ear is a very sensitive apendage, and is often overlooked as a targeted area. Tearing someones ear off is not only going to give them pain, it is going to shock them. use this to your advantage, crush the bridge of their nose as they are stunned thinking "oh my god, he ripped my ear off." Use your imagination, target one weakspot after another. A swift strike to the back of the neck can be extremely painful, as can a hit to the temple. Often enough articles on hand to hand are written claiming that one hit to a vital spot will end the fight. This idea is rediculous. Remember, they are fighting for their life also. If any thing you want overkill, instead of temporarily slowing them. Even with the knowledge of how to fight you come across random anomilies that can get you killed. Maybe your adversary is drugged out of his mind and doesn't feel anything you have done? This is an important reason to keep up your attack until they are neutralized.

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